A Visualization of the Lionhead Standard
comments by Gail Gibbons, holder of the first COD for the Lionhead breed
45 points
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(shape and overall quaility)
* the mane is made of wool
* forms a full circle around the head
*extends to a "V" at the back of the neck
* should be full and prominent
* cheeks extending into the whisker bed may be heavily trimmed
* the center of the foreface below the.wool cap should be clean of wool
* top & sides should be at least 2 inches on seniors
* the side trimmings and chest may be noticeably longer.
Fault a mane
* that is thin or lacks balance;
* with a gradual change on the face from normal fur to mane wool

Disqualifications from Competition:

* lack of any mane,
* a mane so poor that it shows open areas with no wool,
* a mane that has a shape that is very uneven in length and fullness.
* a mane that consists of long normal fur instead of wool.
* a mane with wool less than 2" long
Wool .................10
Only the wool of the mane is used when judging Lionhead wool.
* the wool is strong
* lively feeling with a soft silky texture.
* should be wavy
* should show crimping of the
.....this crimping is often more evident in junior animals.
* guard hairs will be present but should never create a coarse feeling

The quality of the transition wool, on the lower sides and rump,
is never taken into consideration when evalutating Lionhead wool.
* Rollback
* soft, dense, medium length
* saddle, flanks, & rump should be clean of wool.

Disqualifications from Competition:

* wool on the saddle
* transition wool over 2" long
* lack of a distinct break between the.mane and transition wool
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40 points
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Body........... 25 points
* short & compact
* depth is at the shoulders rounding back
* there is a high head mount.
* stance is high
* correctly posed will show off the full chest so the mane can be seen
to learn more on posing
Head............10 points
* bold, with good width between the eyes.
* well filled in the muzzle
* high head mount
* no visible neck.
* slight roundness between eyes, head is not round from all directions.
Fault a head
that reassembles a Netherland Dwarf head
Ears............ 5 points
* erect, set on top of head
* with a strong ear base
* good substance
* short with rounded tips
* when relaxed carried in a "V"
* under 3 1/2"
Disqualifications from Competition:
* ears over 3 1/2"
CONDITION ........................................ 5
* TORTOISE - black
* these colors will be presented in 2008

there are also CODs on file with the ARBA for:
Blue Point (dilute Sable Point)
Blue Tortoise
Chocolate Agouti (Amber)
Chocolate Tortoise
(Black, Blue, Chocolate & Lilac)
Pointed White
Sable Marten
Smoke Pearl
Smoke Pearl Marten
Remember - if the breed passes each additional COD holder will have to select only two of the 5 colors they hold on their CODs. Which means many of these colors may never even make a presentation attempt.















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