CIMMARON Show Incentive Program

Starting In 2008 we are offering our buyers a chance to earn a credit with us
to be used towards a future purchases.

For every Best Of Breed a Cimmaron bred rabbit wins
we will allow you $10.00 in credit here towards the purchase of another rabbit.

For every Best of Opposite Sex to Breed a Cimmaron bred rabbit wins
we will allow you $5.00 in credit here towards the purchase of another rabbit.

We believe that showing is one of the ways that we all keep our breeding programs on track.
We hope that this will encourage our buyers to exhibit the stock they get from us.
Plus to be honest we simply love to see our stock on the show tables!

 How it works
 What is a credit
  A credit is $10.00 for a BOB or $5.00 for a BOS win in 2008 or later won by a rabbit bred and purchased from us.
  Credit can be earned by rabbits purchased at anytime.
They are not limited to rabbits purchased after 2008.
  Credit can be combined with no upper limit. So yes you can "buy a Cimmaron Rabbit" entirely with your credits.
 To earn a credit
 You must exhibit at an ARBA Sanctioned Show - Open or Youth divisions
  * You send a copy of your remark card or after show report to us here at Cimmaron
 * We have no requirement on number of rabbits entered at the show
  - we understand that in some areas there is not a lot of competition.
We just want you to get out there and show!
 If you are a youth we will accept wins at 4H or FFA events
- even if they are not ARBA sanctioned
 To use your credit
 You may use your credit at anytime

* You do not have to wait till the end of the year.
Whenever you decide you want to "spend" what you have on account you may do so.

 * You may use all or a part of your credit at one time, it is your choice
 Credit can be used on any rabbit we have for sale on our sale lists
 * you still have to abide by our deposit and pick up rules
 * credits can be used for the required deposit to hold a rabbit
 Credit can NOT be used to offset shipping, transportation, vet check expenses or boarding fees
 Holding a Credit doesn't move you up on a reservation list.
You must still use the process we have set up here.
 Credit can NOT be transferred to another person without permission from Cimmaron
We still do reserve the right to not place any of our rabbits
in an environment we feel not to be their best interest, in which case other
arrangements will be made.