Sammy and her favorite IG -
Cimmaron Frost Fire 'd Arwen

Italian Greyhound

Cimmaron Legolas d' Dirking (upper)
Cimmaron Calla Lilly (lower)

Texas Haldor d' Cimmaron

The foundation girls
Arwen (left) and Lily (right)

View photos of our latest litter here

Cimmaron Fairy Fire
better known as Bibble to her friends


Cimmaron Legolas 'd Dierking

Male - Solid Fawn with blue mask and minimal white on chest and rear toe tips.
height - 13 3/4", weight 11 1/2 lbs

We had a number of young Italian Greyhounds
to look over at Dierking Kennels when we
selected Legolas. His AKC Champion sire was
one of our favorites in the whole kennel
a blue named
Champion Dirking's Spooky Halloween

Leggy is an interesting soul, maybe spent too
much time with his Min Pin kennel mates as a baby.
He adores Chuckand will sit on him for hours in the evening
but seems to know Gail is the best and most powerful person
in the pack .( He knows which side his bread is buttered on)
He has started his show training and we hope that
someday he will be ready to join his dad as a champion.

photo Aug 2015
A beautiful boy
coming or going

Baby Legolas when he
came to live with us

Legolas and Faire Wynd
Summer 2013

Legolas is 13 3/4" tall,
weight ranges 10 1/2 lbs to 11

Texas Haldor d' Cimmaron

- Wild Irish marked Black. He has a full white collar, four long white stockings and a full white chest.

Haldor is the new boy here at Cimmaron. His first kids
were born July 1st 2016.
His father is Champion Texas Coppenhagen Smile.
His mom a lovely Blue Pied, so we are hoping for loads
of white trim on his children.
He is grand father is the beautiful Best In Show winner
Grand Champion Dierking's Quanah Parker.

He is a special IG for Derik (who has waited to
finaly have his own dog)
Haldor adores Derik and would spend
every minute of everyday with him.

Cimmaron Frost Faire 'd Arwen (Periwinkle to her close friends)

- Pied Blue. She has a full white body and blue head with a face blaze and white muzzle.

She was just what we hoped for a lovely Pied.
We counted on Arwen to make us one & she did!

Periwinkle is almost pure white on her body
(she has a small blue spot on her neck)
and deep Blue color on her head with a
perfect blaze and white muzzle.

Periwinkle is named for Tinkerbell's frost fairy sister.
Sammy claimed her as her own then shortened
her name to Winkle.

Periwinkle has matured into a very nice dog.
She tolerates pretty much anything Sam thinks up. Sam
has spent a lot of time "training" her and Winkle has a whole
string of tricks she can do. (Gail's favorite is she comes
when she is called!) She can be a thief if she wants but is always willing to share the spoils with the rest of the IGs.
She loves to snuggle down in true IG
fashion and bugs Sammy to let her share her lap.

Perriwinkle is " tall, weight


height 16" - weight 15 lbs.

Cimmaron Frost
Fairy d' Arwen
better known as
or just Winkle

Born : May 3, 2013

Sire: Keez Up In
The Clouds Stilts

Sara's Arwen

height 15" - weight 18 lbs.

Cimmaron Calla Lily

- Irish Red with a black mask. She has a white collar, narrow face blaze, white legs and chest.

Her mom is our sweet Lily
and Calla has that same loving temperament.


Callie, is the name she is known to her friends.
She is our gentle soul.
Super elegant with the softest expression
that seems to peer deep into your soul.

Her color seems to remind one of a small dear as she
bounds across the yard. She has a very correct high
gate and often seems to be walking on air.

She adores blankets and sleeps right next to a
human under the covers either in bed or on the couch.

Callie watches everything
Periwinkle is behind her

Pets from Sam are always welcome

Baby Callie


height 16" - weight 15 lbs.

Calla Lily
better known as

Born: Oct. 20, 2012

Sire: Keez Up In The Clouds Stilts

Abby's Cimmaron Lily


height - 14 1/8", weight 12 3/4 lbs

Cimmaron Faire Fire 'd Legolis ( Bibble to her close friends)

Female - Solid Red with a black mask and very minimal white.

When Bibble was born, Gail fell in love.
She is just the most lovely baby we have
seen in many years. We are hoping to show
and she should be a winner!

She was named by Abby for a small
magical creature in a Barbie movie.

Bibble is best friends with Chickadee and Vila
and busy teaching them all the trouble to young Iggys
can get into. She is very elegant and refined and super
graceful. Very pretty to look at.

She spends her time on Gail's lap acting as her
healing soul mate plus she makes a great heating pad
when Gail is having a hard day.

Photo Aug 2015

6 weeks


height - 13 3/4", weight 11 1/2 lbs

Fairy Fire d' Legolis
better known as
Bibble or
just Bibi

Born : Jan 19, 2014

Sire: Cimmaron
Legolis d' Dirking

Calla Lilly


height - 14 5/8", weight 13 1/4 lbs

Cimmaron Maleficent d' Skoal (better know as Chickedee to her friends)

- Irish Black. She has a full white collar and chest, wide full face blaze.
Long rear socks and short white mittens on front feet.

Maleficent or simply DeeDee
(as she is known around the house)
is a beautiful Black and White Italian Greyhound.
Gail always wanted a Black, now we have one.
DeeDee considers herself to be a Sara's dog
and sleeps with her. She is small and refined
a truly beautiful example of the breed.

As she has grown up she has become
more loving and fun to be around with a wonderful
outgoing temperament.

Maleficent is out of CH. Texas Wintergreen Skoal.
Her mom is one of our foundation females Sara's Arwen.
She has her dad's sweet expression and eyes but her head
shape resembles her mom. She also has Chewie's
excellent ear set and shape and Arwen's lovely length
of body. Sort of tyhe best of both worlds.
She has great rear angulation &
a correct high stepping gate.
She is small and elegant very pretty and correct.

But most of all Chickadee has the most wonderful
temperament,she loves humans and simply adores
attention and sitting on laps

Chickadee at 6 weeks
with one her favorite humans

Chickadee at 6 months old

Gail trying to take photos
of a very strong willed puppy!


height 13 " - weight 11 lbs.

Maleficent d' Skoal
better known as
Chickadee or Dee Dee

Born : August 7, 2014

Sire: Champion
Texas Wintergreen Skoal

Sara's Arwen


height 15" - weight 18 lbs.

Cimmaron Vila d' Quannah

- Irish Red Sable with a small black mask.
She has a white collar on the left side, a wide face blaze and muzzle.
4 long white legs on her legs and full white chest.

July 2016

baby Vila at 7 weeks


Vila d'Quannah


Sire: Champion Dirkings
Quannah Parker

Faire Fire d' Legolas


Sara's Arwen

Female - Irish Blue Fawn. Loads of flash with a white collar, full offset face blaze and muzzle markings,
3 white legs and 1 short white foot, full white chest.

Arwen is a Blue Fawn with lots of white.
She has a very soft expression but do not
be fooled unlike her sister Lily she is super
smart and thinking all the time.

Arwen and Lily were the first IG's we acquired once
we were settled in Kansas. She reminds Gail of her very first IGs (who ended up the dam of 8 Champions.)

Arwen is super smart and is able to figure out almost
anything she really wants too. She is sort of the queen
of the house - keeping the pack in order.

A smart and pretty girl who is adored by her
personnel human - Sara.

Farie Wynd who is Arwen's daughter

Sam with Arwen's babies
Fun older
puppy pictures

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