Here is the hard stuff we all need to deal with.
It is sad but we all pay the price in trust, for bad behaviors we
have experienced in the past.

We do ask that you let us know first if you have
to re-home one of our puppies.

Gail & Chuck Gibbons
Sarrah & Derek Schauer
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading (Miller), KS 66868

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* We accept paypal or a cashier check for deposits. (A personal check if we recieve it far enough ahead of pick-up so it clears the bank)

* We will not hold a dog without a deposit of $100.00. We try and work with buyers but do require a deposit to hold a puppy for you.

* Deposits are considered earnest money and are not refundable if you change your mind.

* We cannot hold puppies for months at a time, (it is not fair to the puppy or to us) so unless prior arrangements have been made we will not hold puppies beyond 10 weeks old.

* As the buyer it is your responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your puppy, either by a prearranged meeting or air transport (weather permitting).

* No puppies will leave our possession unless paid in full - including shipping expenses or transportation charges.

* Once paid in full, LIMITED AKC registration papers are guaranteed unless other arrangements have been made.

* We realize that unpredictable events can arise, and we are willing to discuss and resolve issues with an open mind.

Our General Policies:

Our puppies are bred from healthy parents.
Our adult dogs are seen by a vet on a regular basis as needed, and checked for defects when they are puppies.
All of our puppies are vet checked at 6 weeks old before they offered to new homes.
Sometimes a hereditary disorder may become apparent later in life, since there are many recessives and spot mutations that can occur
which can be very unpredictable. Much like in humans we acknowledge it can happen and we are not responsible for that.

We try and breed our puppies from correct parents who do not have health problems, temperament disorders,
known hereditary conditions or show any major faults. At this point we do not breed "show" dogs" we breed companions.
It is our aim to make sure our Iggys all have been socialized and understand how to live in a human home and most of all to trust and love people!
If a puppy develops a show fault that renders the dog unable or undesirable to be bred or shown, hard as it is to understand that is not our fault,
it is a chance you take when you buy a young puppy. We do not guarantee show quality.
That is not to say that some our puppies have not gone on to be AKC Champions, but just to make it clear we do not guarantee show quality.

All refunds are at our discretion.
* NO REFUNDS are guaranteed unless the puppy dies or is injured while still in our care.
* If your dog dies of a disease within 14 days of placement in your home a replacement dog will be offered.
* If your dog develops a hereditary health condition which causes the death of the dog, or the inability to use the dog for the purpose for which it was intended,
then a partial refund or a replacement dog will be offered, depending on how we see the circumstances.
* We do not pay vet bills under any circumstances, this includes any testing for any conditions.

If you feel there is something wrong with your new puppy, or you do not want to keep the puppy,
you must return the dog to us within one week of purchase to be eligible for a replacement dog of equal value.
The return of the dog must be at your expense. Replacement will be made as soon as another litter is available.

Remember the only silly question is the one that is not asked.
Please aks your questions in advance so no feelings are hurt and hopefully there will be no misunderstandings.

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