Cimmaron Legolas 'd Dierking

Fawn with a blue mask


Sam and the newest love of her life!

Red with White markings and black mask

Calla Lily

Enjoy some of our older puppy pictures!

Abby and a whole pile - Dec 1st

Catness (Doberman) plays with a puppy

Sandy, Calla & Karma

Blues Clues, Dobby & Karma

Uno, Lady & Karma play tug
Dec 1st

Klondike, Dobby, Colbolt with Wynd
on the dog bed

Calla Lily and Karma

They just think she is another Iggy Puppy!

Colbolt with Karma

I won the tug!

Uno and Calla Lily play fight

Sandy, Onyx and Colbolt
on the dog bed

Onyx, Karma & Lady

Farie Wynd with Calla Lily & Dobby
Sandy (foreground) & Clyde

Farie Wynd with Lady & Onyx

Sandy snuggles with Catness

Onyx tackels Wynd

Clyde & Uno

Sam and Arwen's babies


Sandy & Clyde

Arwen feeding her babies


Uno & Clyde

Blues Clues

Catness (Red Dobe) with Bonnie, Dobby & Cobolt

Clyde, Klondike & Uno

Sammay & some of Lily's puppies

Dobby & Klondike

Lily plays with her puppies

Klondike Clyde & Uno

Lily and her pups in the living room crate so she
can be near Chuck's TV watching chair.

Calla Lily (above)

playing with feet - a favorite pastime

Sam loves getting in with the puppies

The enlarged enclosure we built for
Arwens BIG family, so they will have
loads of room. The living room is
right the other side of the kennel and
the pen extends into the
dining room.

Gail & Chuck Gibbons
Sarrah & Derek Schauer
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading (Miller), KS 66868

620 - 794 - 4802

We will travel to meet buyers or arrange
possible delivery in KS. MO. NE. IA.

Shipping is only Priority & weather permitting.
It will cost about $375.00 (ticket, delivery
to KC airport, Kennel and Vet papers)