Our Lionheads

Consistently producing winning Lionheads
year after year.

It is difficult to produce a rabbit that can win at a national event,
it takes an outstanding herd to do it over and over again.
we are proud of our
show record

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Our first goal is - MANES,
that remain full & impressive on adults.

Next we require sound body type and sound temperaments.

* We breed for our own satisfaction, as we enjoy showing.
* We make our breedings with specific goals in mind.
* We
cull our litters very heavily and offer only the very best for sale.

We have now decided to concentrate our efforts on Black Tortoise.

We will be keeping a select few Sable Points, we LOVE the color.
Since Sara likes dilutes we will have a few of those as well.

We have added back into our herd here at Cimmaron some Polish
and Britannia Petites - simply because we enjoy those breeds
so much in the past. We will also be expanding our Holland Lop herd
and continue to dabble in Velveteen Lops. We no longer have to
keep over half our rabbity cages full of Lionheads which means we can
now go back to enjoying this as a hobby. So we will have less
Lionheads to breed from but that doesn't mean we will be less
selective in what we offer for sale, there will just be less to choose from.

Because we have confidence in our Lionhead breeding
program we offer a
earn credit towards your next Cimmaron rabbit.

We feel that breeders should stand behind thier stock.
and gurantee.

We reserve the right to refuse to place our animals,
if in our opinion the placement is not to the best advantage of the rabbit or the breed.

Gibbons Lionhead Standard

a Visualization of the Lionhead Standard

a private comment from Gail, after being asked by so many folks if she has regrets?

"Yes, that I ever allowed myself to be talked into that whole game in the first place.
But I knew the politics, I knew the odds. I just wanted to believe that what seemed to be
could not be true. Like many dreamers I believed the playing field was level and that
people are honest and can be taken at face value.
Did I learn anything? Not really. I knew all of that was not true in the first place.
I have been very involved in the political system that runs this country and having
watched close up the political beast that is the ARBA, I knew better but I hoped.

I went jousting at windmills and I knew when I did it that most likely I would fail.
I can now go back to simply breeding and showing my rabbits, which is what I enjoy."

& Hares

Gail & Abby Gibbons
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading, KS 66868
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