Our Velveteen Lops

We work mostly in the solid version.

When Mary Crawford passes the breed we want
to be ready with showable animals, so we can begin
showing our Velveteens in Best In Show Competitions.

We have been working with the
Velveteen Breed since 2004.

That is when Sarrah fell in love with them and
just had to have them here at Cimmaron.

We do have a very limited Velveteen breeding
program and arecareful and selective in what
we use for breeding or offer for sale as
breeding stock to other people.

We have worked hard to set a correct quaility rex coat.
We were Mini Rex breeders since the before they had ARBA recognition
and we understood how difficult that coat can be to get "just right".

Like most Velveteen breeder we have worked hard on ear lenght and feel we are
well on the way towards being happy with the lenght we are seeing in our herd.

Always we have worked towards creating genetic diversity in our Velveteens.
In the early years we used English Lop stock and sought out Velveteen lines from
aroundthe country that were not inbred.

We have now directed our attention to ear width.
The Veleveteen ear has the same number of points on width as lenght!!
(this is overlooked by many breeders)

Because we have confidence in our breeding program we offer a
earn credit towards your next Cimmaron purchase

We feel that breeders should stand behind thier stock.
Here is
OUR SALE POLICY and gurantee.

We reserve the right to refuse to place our animals, if in our opinion the placement
is not to the best advantage of the rabbit or the breed.

solid Castor

Broken Chocolate

solid Black Tortoise
& Hares

Gail & Abby Gibbons
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading, KS 66868
620 794-4802

Abby and her beloved Kim.
The only rabbit Gail really has
regretted selling.
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Gail Gibbons & Sara Berks