CIMMARON Terms & Guarantees
At this time we do not ship pet quality bunnies or arrange sales over the Internet (you need to call)
Occasionaly we do have pets to place but pick up must be made in person.
Pets are sold without pedigree papes.

Our prices may change as juniors change. When a youngster get older and we are more certain how they
conforming to the standard for their breed the price may go down, if they do not keep the promise
we saw in them. It may go up if we are very happy with the quality of the rabbit.
Appraising babies is always a difficult job.

We believe in building a breeding program using pedigrees. We feel that the stock we offer carry
excellent bloodlines and the potential to produce top quality rabbits. We do want buyers to realize that
NOT every bunny born is worth breeding from or showing. We are happy when 1 out of 3 in a litter reaches the
quality to be offered for sale or kept in our breeding program. We cull very heavy.

 We require a deposit of half to hold a rabbit.
 Deposits are refundable - as soon as we find a new buyer unless
 - the buyer has failed to pick up the order according to our pickup requirements
Orders left for extended amounts of time will be refunded minus $50.00 "boarding fee" per rabbit.
 - the order is canceled within 3 weeks of ARBA Convention and NALRC Nationals.
Because of high demand in the months prior to these events we will only refund the
part of the deposit that we are able to recoup when the rabbit has to be resold.
 - the vet check has been scheduled
$50.00 of the deposit will be considered NOT refundable at this point.
 - the vet check has been completed
in addition to the $50.00 non refundable deposit any fees paid for the Health papers and Vet check are NOT refundable if buyer cancels.
 - If any of our rabbits should fail their vet check the buyer can choose to cancel the entire order
- or a replacement Lionhead can be selected.
 It is your responsibility as the buyer to make arrangements to pickup your rabbits.
 - We do not deliver rabbits, unless you have made arrangements with us ahead of time.
 We do not charge a delivery fee is we are traveling to an area or show.
 - If we arrange delivery other then shipping, you may be asked to pay a transportation fee,
this will be oked by you ahead of time.
 We do offer shipping
 - we do require a minimum order of $300.00. *
 - the $300.00 minimum doesn't include
 - vet costs
 - the cost of the carrier (6 hole is $68.00, 4 hole is $50.00),
  - the airline shipping charges
 * The extra time it takes on our end - a trip to the vet and a trip to the airport

 We will only hold our rabbits for 10 days without a deposit having been received.
 Shipping or pickup must be completed with in 2 weeks,
unless other arrangements have been made. (Shipping is always weather permitting),
We ask everyone to understand we can not keep rabbits for months, in the past we have had rabbits
left here till they reached breeding age and we can not continue to do that.
We reserve the right to not place any of our rabbits
in an environment we feel not to be their best interest.
How we define things -
 please remember it is very difficult to tell what a rabbit will be before 12 weeks of age
 We consider Show Quality to be a rabbit who will place in the top half of a show class on a regular basis.
 * WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE that a show quality rabbit will place that high as how you, as the buyer, care for and condition the rabbit can impact how they place.
* We do NOT consider show quality to mean an animal that simply has no breed disqualifications.
 We consider Breeding Quality to be a rabbit that has a number of characteristics that would be a benefit to a herd,
 * These characteristics could be - pedigree, body type, ears, ear set, head type, color, or mane
* We also see in these rabbits some faults that would prevent it from a consistent show career.

We are now forming a list of names of parties interested in LIONHEAD NATIONAL delivery in Ohio the 1st week in May.

You will find photos of most of our adult stock on our website
If you want more information on any of the bunnies on our sale list feel free to ask and we will try
and give you a basic appraisal of the rabbit that is offered for sale.
We always do our best to be honest.
We have not bred the perfect rabbit in any breed we have raised, in some we have come close
but none have been prefect. We do not know anyone who has.

 Our Guarantee - on any rabbits we sell
A)- We guarantee against genetic defects. We include malocclusion to age 4 months
(malocclusion that develops after 4 months is due to injury not genetics)
B)- We guarantee health for five (5) days after the rabbit leaves our care.
 Our health guarantee is invalid if you feed any food other then what is supplied according to our directions
or feed anything other then rabbit pellets and hay in that time period.
C)- We do not guarantee against injuries resulting from abuse of any kind
 - including miss-handling by children
- aggression by other animals
- being dropped
- falling off a table or other furniture
- becoming caught in cage wire
- contact with household items
D)- We can not guarantee every rabbit will adjust to new surroundings right away but will work with you to help you with any problems you may have. We will replace the rabbit if after trying the rabbit will not work in your environment.
E)- We can not guarantee the health of any rabbit
 - that is exposed to other rabbits that show signs of illness
  - that is transported with other breeders stock
  - that is taken to shows or events were they are exposed to a number of other rabbits.
 In these cases replacement is at our option.
F)- We DO NOT GRANTEE HEALTH on any rabbits that are shipped by cargo at the buyers request.

- We do guarantee our Lionheads to hold some mane.

 Currently we will refund $25 on any Lionhead that does not keep a mane.
We can not guarantee BIG or LONG manes but we can guarantee a mane that will pass on a show table.

- on Rabbits sold as breeding stock or as show potential we do not guarantee against

 - light or miss-matched nail color (on rabbits sold as broodstock)
- the development of scattered white hairs
- eye color on adults (this can be a problem in shadeds)
- adult size
- ear length, width or correct carriage
 - We offer a full refund if problems arise within the first five (5) days the rabbit is in a new home.
- We offer replacement or a partial or full refund at our discretion after five (5) days.
e do require the Lionhead be returned to us or to an agent we select if we offer a full refund or a replacement.
 Our SHOW Guarantee
(please ask if we are guaranteeing the rabbit you are buying to be show quality)
 On Show Stock we guarantee
 - they will not have white or miss-matched nails
- they will have correct eye color (even on shadeds)
- they will not be overweight as adults
- they will have correct ear length as adults
- they will have ears that lop on our lop breeds
- they will not have EXCESSIVE white hairs developing on adults.
 - We DO NOT guarantee against white hairs that are the result of
 - hair pulling on brood does
- aggressive breeding by bucks
- injury that occurred after the rabbit left our care.

We offer a replacement if a rabbit fails to meet our definition of "show quality".
We do require the Lionhead be returned to us or to an agent we select.

We can at our discretion, if buyer and seller agree, offer a partial refund, allowing the buyer to keep the rabbit.
Our Lionhead Sale List
Our Holland Sale List