Sammy & baby Periwinkle
Meet Our KIDS!

We currently have two litters

Chickadee & Haldor - 3 babies
Born May 30, 2017

Bibble & Haldor - 4 babies
Born June 6, 2017

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Puppies are sold on limited AKC papers

This means they can not be used for breeding.
If you want full papers contact us.

Boy puppies are $400.00
Girl puppies are $500.00 (unless noted below)
We require a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit
to hold a puppy for you.

Each puppy will have
limited AKC papers & a copy of their pedigree
1st set of vaccinations & have been wormed
Dewclaws have been removed
and each will have a vet check at 6 weeks old

click here for our complete payment & polices page

Chickadee & Haldor Litter born May 30, 2017


Irish marked,
Seal & White

to Bob

7 weeks old

soda can for size reference

finely a trick to get them to stand still!!

Penny playing with FireFly

July 23rd


Irish marked,
Seal & White

7 weeks old

He LOVED the pop can
it was really funny but hard to get a good pic

8 weeks

(aka Lucy in the Sky


Congested Pied
Seal & White

to Lisa

looking for a treat

7 weeks old

Lucy playing with Penny

a can to help with showing her size on July 23rd
This litter was named for the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band album which released 50 years ago the day they were born.
These are super friendly puppies, each has blossomed into people loving babies. They beg to be let loose to romp all over the house.
They love playing with Sammy and if they hear her voice they cry to be allowed to join her. Penny Lane is smaller then the other
two and maybe a little quieter. Penny can be a love bug and snuggle up on laps. Lucy loves to get into everything and begs and begs
to be picked up, she loves Sam the most and will be a great kid's puppy. Pepper seems to live up to his name, he is a real
go-getter and first to figure out everything. Pepper loves to give kisses and play with toys with Phillip.
They will be ready for new homes July 25th

Bibble & Haldor Litter born June 6, 2017

Lady Bug


Solid Red
with black mask

to Mary

6 weeks old

full tummy warm spot

Bibble with her 4 weekold
look-a-like daughter

(aka Firefly)

Golden Fawn

to Heather

Price $900.00

6 weeks old

" I got it! I got it!"

sisters FireFly above Lady Bug sleeping
shows color pretty good

(aka Moth)


Irish marked,
Blue Cream & White

to Holly

"please Sam come play"

hanging with mom at 6 weeks old

4 weeks old

7 weeks

Finley Rose

Irish marked,
Seal & White

to Kayla H

Finley Rose was claimed by Abby.
Abby so wanted to have Finley as a special dog.
But Abby is starting college this fall and intends
to live on campus. At this point Abby has decided that she
really is not in a place to take on a puppy.

Finley is a super tiny Iggy, showing the rounder head
& more and pointed little muzzle common in the tiny ones

Abby has spent loads of time with this puppy.
This means that Finley is very well socialized. She has been going
on field trips to visit Abby's friends and hanging out
with Abby in her room. She has been carried around since before
her eyes open. Most of thime if you pick up Finley she just snuggles
right down in your arms. She is using the papers to potty,
rides in the car and gives tons of kisses.


Sammy loves Finley a lot

4 weeks old

6 weeks old

7 weeks

Finley wants Grandma Arwen to come play

we try and get a soda can to give
an idea of size.

This litter was named for the the insects the fill our gardens. They seemed so tiny when they were born Sammy thought that was perfect.
These guys' mom had loads of issues when they were born so they got handled a lot from day one. It is sometimes hard to not judge them against Chickadee's litter
(who are older) and think they are a little slow but in the last week they have made up for their age and now run with the "big dogs" just fine. They seem
better behaved then Chickadee's troop asking not demanding to be let out. FireFly was held a lot when she was newborn to make sure she got enough to eat,
so she just seems to think that laps are were she belongs. Lady Bug has always been the leader of this pack. She knows how to get out of the kennel and join
us in the living room at night when we watch TV. She seems to know that someone is likely to pick her us and hold her then. Moth is all boy! He loves toys and
will play with Phillip or Vila with the toys as long as we will let him.
Today Moth figured out how to get into the toy box! (now if I can only teach him to pick them up when he is done)
They will be ready for new homes August 1st

Gail & Chuck Gibbons
Sarrah & Derek Schauer
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading (Miller), KS 66868

(620)794 - 4802

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