Meet Our KIDS!

Zelda and Bibble
both have puppies!!!!!

These kids will be ready for homes
* Nov 22 (Zelda's)
* Dec 11 (Bibble's)
we are now ready to
introduce them to the world!

or call (620)794-4802

Our Puppies are all sold
on limited AKC papers

This means they
can not be used for breeding.
If you want full papers contact us.

Our Boy puppies are $850.00
(unless noted below)
Our Girl puppies are $1200.00
(unless noted below)

We require a $100.00 nonrefundable
deposit to hold a puppy for you.

Each puppy will have
AKC papers
& a copy of their pedigree
1st set of vaccinations
& have been wormed
Dewclaws have been removed
each will have a vet check

How to aquire one of our dogs

Mom - Zelda
Seal Pied

see more photos of
our Italian Greyhounds

photo by Sammy
Current babies
born Sept 28, 2019

3 boys & 1 girls

Dad - Haldor
Black Irish, He has a full white collar,
long white socks, blaze & full white chest

Haldor is available to a new home

These are Zelda's first babies.
It has been a long time waiting for the happy soulnd of puupy paws romping around our place.
Zelda, Twilight Princess is the specail friend of 9 year old Sammy. She has slept in Sammy's room sense
she was 2 months old, so it seemed logical to have Zelda and her family in a bin in Sam's room. They lived
there till they were 5 weeks old (and would NOT stay in a bin). Sammy has played with them since day one
and they are the best, most socailed puppies anyone would ever meet. They wait with thier mom for Sam to come
home from school and the greet her with all the love they can hold in Iggy hearts.

We were all very surpised to see all pieds but there is a certain beauty in an all white Itailain Greyhound when
they are full grown. The comment on Marchwind's website the other week by Lois tha a white Pied brings to
mind fine porcelian, is very true as Zelda has a rare beauty with her clean and elegant lines.

White with dark eyes,
his nose is filling in blue gray

Polar has been a speacial favorite of Sam's and follows her around when he is loose. He is a great explorer always first to discover new things (like behing the couch, the closet in Sam's room, how to get into the kitchen) but he can always find time to crawl into a lap for loves and kisses.

Boy $850
White Pied with Blue head markings.
He has a full marking that covers his
entire earand face on one side
& a large blue circle around his
eye on the other side.

Care Bear is the soft hearted soul in this
family, he is a good boy who tries to do
whatever it takes to get picked up and
cuddled. He is smaller then his brothers a
nd very elegant aready. If Gail was picking
show prospect he would be the one!
He loves blankets and soft places (he is
can often be found sleeping on top
of Mom or his brothers.

Boy $850
White Pied with Seal head.
He was born with a narrow blaze that is
mostly closed. He has a wide white band
around his muzzle
& his nose is black.

Panda Bear is so much fun! He loves toys
- hard toys, soft toys or anything that will
pass for a toy. He is full of energy and is
almost always the last one to go to sleep.
He enjoys pllaying tug-a-war with Phillip
who is also a lover of toys. Panda would
love a home the lots of kids and people to
meet. He is smart and willing to do
whatever it takes to get picked up.

Ruby Bear

White Pied with red head markings.
Full head marking on one side and
nearlyfull marking on other side.
Wide blaze with dark eyes and nose.

Ruby is the "princess" is this family. She is the smallest but thinks she is in charge of everything. She is Sam's
favored one and she knows it and can be very vocal when he needs are not met.
She love to play with Sammy jumping and crwaling on her. She comes when she is called and is very good about retruning to the papers if she is loose. She is super socalized and super cute.

Mom - Bibble
Solid Red black mask & very minimal white

for more photos of
our Italian Greyhounds

photo by Sammy

Current babies
born Oct 9, 2019

1 boy & 3 girls

Dad - Haldor
Black Irish, He has a full white collar,
four long white stockings and a full white chest

Haldor is available to a new home

After two misses Bibble finaly had babies again and she had girls!
We have been waiting and waiting for a Bibble daughter and had almost given up.
This is our Pokemon litter as Sammy is a huge Pokemon fan. The name Eevee was choosen before they were born.

We normaly never have two litters at once but sort of figured Bibble would not have babies again anyway (she has cysitic overies)
But here they are and three beautiful girls to choose from and it was not easy to pick.
If we were looking keep a male for sure we would keep Squittle but a girl was what we wanted to breed to Phillip some day.

Girl $1,500
Solid Blue Fawn. White spots on chest
& toe tips.

Eevee is such a pretty puppy. She is smart & determined.
If she wants something she will work hard at getting it.
She is a true explorer and drives her mom nuts trying to
keep track of her. She likes to sleep on your lap when you
are watching TV but also loves to chew on her siblings.
She has been handled alot as we decided which Bibble puupy we wanted to keep, so thinks everyone wants to
hold her all the time.

Girl $1,200
Seal white white chest, feet & half collar.
This a a beautiful seal, almost the color of a
dark chcolate lab with lovely shading. It is
impossable to get it to photograph right

Morpeke is very pretty - her color is so striking in
person. She is very easy going, even at this young age.
She likes to be handled and enjoys cuddles already.
She a mommies girl and stays close to Bibble
. (which make Bibble happy)

Lttle Bit
Blue Fawn Pied with a crazy pattern.

Little Bit is the Bibble daughter we have
decided to keep so she is not for sale.


Boy $850
Seal with white markings
Long white leg markings, white chest narrow collor and white on lower muzzle.

Squirtle is a little love. He is also a very
pretty seal color. He is a funny little guy
and loves to have his belley rubbed and
will rool over in your arms to make sure
he is the correct poistion. He looks like
he is going to stay small and refined in bone.

Gail & Chuck Gibbons
Sarrah & Derek Schauer
Sara Berks

3276 Walnut St.
Reading (Miller), KS 66868

(620)794 - 4802

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This year Abby and her friends are willing make delivery
runs so we may be able to travel & meet buyers.
Contact us to delvery fees to your area.

We do not ship in winter or the hot summer

When shipping is possible we only
ship Priority & weather permitting.
It will cost an additional $400
(ticket, delivery to airport, Kennel
& Vet paperwork)